Sea Transport

If your goods or their delivery are not time sensitive or if the cost for airfreight bear no relation to the price and piece we naturally offer you the opportunity of sea freight. Arneet International works with all major shipping lines that sail to and from India. This ensures customers the best cost effective solutions, whether the requirement is for shipping of small consignments (LCL), full container loads (FCL) and special cargo movements. A full door to door service can be provided, and from time of order placement to final delivery, we are in complete control of your freight.

Arneet International offers regular consolidations by sea Import/ Export to noted international destinations, but our primary sea transport business has been involved in handling larger shipments whether by full container loads, or by conventional services to Europe, USA & Fareast & Middle East nations. Much time has been spent in researching and co-ordinating large, out of gauge material to move shipments as economically and efficiently as possible, yet within strict deadlines.


Our FCL shipping services will help you to secure the capacity and the routing you need at the time you need it. We negotiate competitive agreements with the world’s leading ocean carriers, allowing us to pass the space, service, and pricing benefits of these agreements on to our customers.

The most important factor is the safety aspect of your possessions when you transport for which, quick and reliable transport is what everyone prefers! That is very much possible through ocean transport.

Sea transport insurance is concerned primarily with international commerce. Basically, anyone who has an insurable interest in a cargo shipment (i.e., anyone who would suffer a loss if the cargo were damaged or destroyed or who would benefit from the safe arrival of the cargo) has a need for an ocean cargo policy. The cargo insurance policy indemnifies the exporter or importer in the event of loss or damage to goods due to a peril insured against while at risk under the policy.

Arneet International Shipping Services provides both domestic and international warehousing and distribution services for our shipping clients and partners. Our decades of experience combined with our extensive Arneet International shipping and cargo distribution networks makes us a valuable logistics partner.


Our extensive array of ocean freight services include assisting with expediting urgent shipments and managing large volume shipments, as well as intermodal transport solutions. We work closely with an extensive portfolio of global and regional carriers so that you have a wide selection of carriers to choose from.

With Consolidation as our core competency, we offer unmatched service with global network coverage and direct consolidations to more than 350 destinations. Arneet International Shipping has made huge investments to support a simple product like this so that we can add value to our customers by giving them quality services at competitive prices.

Sea freight cargo or Sea transport services, is the most viable option when transporting goods of bulk goods. Sea transport is slower when compare to air transport but the advantage is that it can take much more goods than air freight can. The weight restrictions are lesser and at the same time not too expensive as well. With the modernization, the sea freight cargo/ sea cargo services have also speeded up and are a reliable mode of transport when transporting goods across continents. Arneet International Sea transport Division, has been the premier provider of overseas shipping services, offering superior and cost effective shipping solutions. Whether there is a need for a consolidated or direct sea service, our expert professionals are ready to route your goods. A variety of options are available for the most competitive and reliable sea transport forwarding service.