Land Transport

Land transport may lack the glamour and awesomeness of air and maritime freight, but road freight is the one we turn to when we need the job finished. It’s steady and flexible, safe and pragmatic; it’s the Hufflepuff of intermodal transportation.

Where nature rules over air and ocean-bound freight—the winds and tides are indifferent to even the best-laid plans—the same cannot be said for land transportation. Mankind can pat itself on the back for that one. The planning, construction, and maintenance of complex networks of roads and railways, some hundreds of years old, built to reach even the most remote destinations, is an incredible, ever-evolving achievement spanning generations of trailblazers.

In many supply chains, especially across the EU, land freight is the be-all, end-all mode of transport connecting all of the dots between products and consumers. At the very least, land transport acts as the anchor leg in a supply chain relay race. 

We Offers the Following Land Transport Services

Truckload service stands above the competition because of the size of our carrier network and our ability to maximize supply chain efficiencies by keeping our customers constantly informed of their shipment’s location and status. Companies that partner with us can be confident that their shipments will be handled by only the most professional carriers, and will arrive on time and intact.

Sometimes freight just won’t fit inside an enclosed trailer, and in those instances, Arneet International offers flatbed services to get our clients’ irregularly sized shipments delivered. Our expert staff always ensure that we provide our clients with the best flatbed option for their shipment, maximizing the safety of their freight while minimizing the shipping cost.

If you ship an LTL freight load, you are sharing space (and cost) with others. This means your shipment headed to Houston could end up accompanying other companies’ shipments to cities in several states, Cleveland and Nashville, for example, before finally reaching Houston. The entire truck is unloaded at each intermittent destination, thus increasing travel time and risk for damage by handling.

Our LTL service is designed to make it as easy as possible for our customers to send all of their smaller shipments that make up the bulk of many companies’ shipping volume.  LTL customers can price, book, and track their shipments online, making our LTL service simple, cost-effective, and highly reliable.  

Arneet International provides refrigerated trucking for shipments that are temperature sensitive. Our temperature-controlled trailer options are specially designed to ensure that our clients’ shipments arrive at their location unspoiled and in-tact.

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